Back to School Tips

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Going back to school will soon be here and it can be expensive! Recent research suggests British parents spend about £1.2bn, with the average cost of uniforms estimated at almost £230 per pupil! By acting now you can save money, Moray Firth Credit Union has put together some hints and tips to help parents with these costs.

Here are Our Top Tips

Start Saving – open a savings account and start putting a small amount away each week it soon mounts up and don’t forget you could have your child benefit paid into the account and you will have some savings when it comes time to buy!

Plan early & Buy early – have a look at the school’s uniform list, think about what you really need and, if possible, talk to other parents. Once you have your list, don’t leave buying the school uniform to the last minute. That’s when the shops are packed and there is little time to look out for those bargains

Make a list – write down what you need and understand the school’s uniform policy particularly what must be ‘branded’, what does not need to be ‘branded’, and what they only preferred to be ‘branded’

Buy less – be a minimalist, think carefully about how many of each item you really need

Shop around – standard items such as plain white shirts or black trousers can be bought on a budget from supermarkets or a range of online retailers. Even shop around for blazers, it may be possible to buy a school badge and sew it to a lower-cost generic blazer

Buy quality – choose better quality particularly for shoes, they will last longer and in the long run save money

Buy big! – Plan for growth and buy uniforms that are a bit big at the start of the year. An extra inch of length in the leg and sleeve and an adjustable waistband in trousers and skirts could save you from having to buy new uniforms part-way through the year.

Label everything – clothes are easily left on the bus, lost on playing fields, or mistakenly taken from coat pegs. They are all very costly to replace, so make sure you have time to label everything before the start of term.

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