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Financial exclusion is one of the key causes of poverty and social exclusion and yet it is something that can be avoided with the right support. Inability to access mainstream financial services creates significant disadvantage for individuals in society so the Credit Union fulfils this gap in services. The negative effects of financial distress are widespread – affecting health and wellbeing, employment opportunities to engage fully in local communities. Locally, demand for financial information and choices to support money management is on the increase as members strive to recover from the isolation experienced during the COVID pandemic. A greater awareness is required about the ‘Savings & Loans Co-operative’ movement in the Moray and Nairn area so that the benefits of being a member of Moray Firth Credit Union are recognised by everyone. Their choice to move away from ‘doorstep’ lenders and ‘high interest’ finance providers to a more ‘affordable’ way of managing their money will enable them to join in with community life with improvements in their confidence and wellbeing.
At a time when the Credit Union is expanding, we want to support members across Moray and Nairn (our new boundary) and to raise awareness of what the services members can receive. We are Not for Profit, Not for Charity BUT for People Helping People.

Job Purpose
To provide an efficient people centred financial service for Moray Firth Credit Union.

Duties include:

► Responses to telephone, email and face to face enquiries from members of the public who may wish to join the Savings & Loans Co-operative.
► Preparing publicity materials for window displays, Press releases and social media.
► Engage with the marketing team to help promote the Credit Union with a range of initiatives.


  1. Introduce potential members to Moray Firth Credit Union services, products and policies.
  2. Support the form filling and process for joining.
  3. Be part of the front facing reception team accepting deposits and processing withdrawals, answering enquiries such as account balances, loan processes and keeping accurate records of transactions daily.
  4. Become familiar with credit union policies, procedures and regulatory requirements.
  5. As part of the team, progress priorities within the updated Business Plan ensuring that we are Not for Profit, Not for charity BUT for People Helping People and we are owned and run by the members.
  6. Become familiar with the roles of the Board and the Finance Team and structure credit unions are required to adhere to.
  7. After initial induction and training be part of the support to volunteers in systems and processes.
  8. Update policies and procedures received from our Regulators when new legislation is received.

The successful candidate will gain

► Ethos of MFCU and what a Credit Union does.
► Social Enterprise and its reason for being within a community.
► Workings of a small staff team and volunteers.
► Role the Savings and Loans Co-operative plays alongside other agencies supporting individuals and families with financial matters.
► Ways to raise the profile of MFCU within the Moray and Nairn ‘field of membership’.
► Growth of the membership and will gain in confidence as they develop.
► Positive support and training from a very experienced and team.
► Best principles of customer care in discharging the duties of this post and learn that all members are to be treated as individuals in a professional and friendly manner.

Other Relevant Information

The post will be for 12 months with initial funding for 1 year, although, subject to continued funding, may result in a longer term of employment.
The successful candidate will potentially get the opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship.
Out of pocket expenses incurred during duties between collection points will be reimbursed on provision of receipts.
The milage travel rate is currently 4Sp per mile for car use.

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